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How Technology Affected Our Lives Professionally and Personally 

For the past two decades, we have been gradually taken over by the emergence of technology. Stop for a while and take a look at your surroundings. How many computer, laptop, or mobile phone screens do you see? Have you included the one that you are reading this article on? Our gadgets that are enabled by Wi-Fi connection have actually changed the way our children play, the way adults work, or even the way we raise our kids. The workplaces today would totally be unrecognizable to people of the past because of the effect of video conferencing, emails, laptop, computers, tablets, as well as other relatively recent technology innovations. Nowadays, more of our personal spare time is greatly influenced by our smartphones and iPhones with each passing day. 

 Techonology Affects

In today’s generation, we can hardly tell that we have reached the peak of technology. The novelty of instant communication and constant online connections may have started to wear thin for much older generations, yet the next way of people have no such qualms. The tech-dependent lifestyles of Americans are already resulting to really big changes in both the private and professional spheres. So specifically, how is our lives affected by the emergency of this constantly changing technology? 

Our Professional Lives are Digitized 

As we all know, at least 79% of workers now communicate or work on “virtual” teams. It can be through online collaboration, email, video conferences, online message, or combination of some of these ways. According to a research study in 2013, around 94% of jobholders are active internet users. This includes freelance, part time and full time workers in big corporations, small businesses, and technology companies, not only in America but also workers worldwide. More employees nowadays even choose to work at home so they can save on expenses such as food, transportation and clothing. Most mothers in this generation also like to work online so they can be able to stay at home and be with their family while having a constant flow of income. As you can see, technology is not only affecting our professional lives but touching our personal lives as well. 

In the past centuries, communication professionally and literally meant sending faxes, spending hours on the telephone, or writing letters. But today, none of these is majorly practiced. Most (if not all) companies are using email as their primary means of communicating with their clients, employees, and in the modern workplace as a whole. Because of email, we are able to communicate faster, easier, and way better than before. Because of that, employers are reaping the benefits of this technology. According to a recent report, the incorporation of modern technology into the workplace resulted to a huge 84% increase in the office workers’ productivity per hour since the 1970s. And, the major influencers are none other than cell phones, business software and email. 

Technology Gets Even More Personal 

Today, we do not simply leave technology at the office. As a matter of fact, our private lives are even more enabled by technology than our working lives. In the past three to four decades, our televisions were usually the height of the technology of our home. During that time, some people already had Nintendo for the kids, a clunky personal computer, and maybe a telephone in their car. 

According to statistics, 15% of households owned a personal computer way back 1989. By 2011, that data has climbed to 75%. But now, we have laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, GPS-enabled cars, Apple watches, and more technologies are even coming day by day. As a matter of fact, living without technology nowadays might create an existential crisis for some people since our technology now helps us eat, learn, travel, socialize, date, and many more. I guess, the time we do not use technology is during the time we are…well, dead. But for now, maybe all we have to do is to enjoy the benefits that the modern technology is giving to us. We cannot easily live without them after all. 

The Bottom Line 

Now that technology is already integrated in our daily lives, living without it can extremely cause anxiety for some. In fact, it is not hard to tell why – modern technology has already taken over our lives. Both our personal and professional lives are now dependent in technology. While older generations have already lived their lives without (or very little) the presence of technology, the next wave of people in this world cannot be able to picture their lives in the future without the existence of technology.  



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9 Tips to Keep Your Computer’s Good Condition 

When your computer is maintained properly, it can give you higher speeds, both on the internet and via RAM, regardless of your configurations and hardware setup. According to the 2nd law of thermodynamic, all systems tend to degrade over time. However, there are a few ways to help you delay its inevitability and here are the steps on how it should be done. 

Good Condition Computer 

  1. Clean All the Junk That Browsers Have Left Behind

In order to perform this, you can download a free cleaner program such as CCleaner to do it for you or you can simply use the Windows system’s disk cleanup utility. In Linux, you can use either Bleachbit or Kleansweep. Cache and cookies that browsers have left behind can eventually accumulated up to gigabytes of space that is why it is important that they are taken down. 

  1. Search and Destroy Viruses and/or Spyware on Your Computer

There are a lot of tools available out there in order for you to perform this task. The AVG Anti-Virus is actually a good software to use. You can legally obtain this tool through the internet. 

  1. Have Your Hard Drive Defragmented at Least Once a Month

You can have your hard drive defragmented  every month in order to keep your pc run smoothly. While you can use the defragment utility of Windows XP, a “Magical Defrag” tool can also be used as it automatically defragments the system of your computer during inactivity periods. 

  1. Remove Programs and Files You No Longer Use

You should uninstall all programs and files you do not use anymore, as well as delete songs you no longer listen to. It is because your computer speed will increase if it has more free space. You will be surprised how much the performance of your computer will increase and how much space you will be able to free up from your hard drive. 

  1. Using the Msconfig Tool

In the RUN tool, you can use the msconfig tool to pop up a window, which will let you uncheck the start-up programs that you don’t use anymore. This can up your boot down and start up times a lot. The CCleaner anti-virus system also has this feature. 

  1. 6. Use the Disk Management Systems of Your Computer

For Windows, you can select Maintenance and Performance and then choose the Free up and rearrange items command. For mac computers, you can simply go to your applications folder, choose utilities folder and simply launch the disk utility. 

  1. 7. Always Use a UPS to Run Your Computer

Always run your PC on a UPS because this will help in protecting your computer from electric surges. Modems, Phone lines and cat 5 or 6 lines of networks also need surge suppression since they will and can take out your modem or network card in an electric storm. 

  1. 8. Clean Your Computer Regularly

Your PC can grow very dusty in just a matter of months, depending on its location. How frequent you should open your computer up depends on how dusty your home is. If it is not very dusty, then you can try checking every few months. However, if your house is very dust, then you must be more proactive about its situation. Using a cloth or vacuum, you can remove the dust on your computer’s bottom, and then spray the area using a compressed canned air, but pay attention to the CPU fan and heat sink. You can also spray the Power supply fan intakes. Since you have already taken off the cover, try to reboot and then listen if there are noisy fans in order to make sure that all the fans of your computer are working. If one of the fans starts making unfamiliar sound or stops spinning, you can try lubricating its bearing. But if this would not help, then the best thing to do is to replace the fan. Fans are important since they make your computer cool. You should also make sure that your computer is cool at all times. Sometimes, it is best that you use your computer in a room that has an air conditioner. For all your air conditioner service needs such as repair and maintenance, you can try spring hill fl ac repair. 

  1. 9. Be Extra Careful When Plugging in Cables

You should be more careful when plugging in Ethernet, USB, printer, speakers etc. into your PC. Ports such as Ethernet and USB can be damaged easily due to careless plugging. These type of computer repairs can actually be costly and you have no choice but to have it repaired because these ports are very important. 

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